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Online PAN Card Verification Service

PAN Verification API can be used to verify PAN cards online in a reliable and accessible way. Every individual needs to be outfitted with their PAN card in order to register as an eligible taxpayer. Another primary reason to have a PAN card is to open a bank account. The PAN card of every competing individual is verified to be certain that they are not a fraudster or involved in illegal practices.

Qrologic PAN Verification API

Our AI-based PAN verification APIs were designed to quickly identify fraud and forgery. An OCR algorithm is used to train the PAN verification APIs to make our Anti-spoof better the Bank Grade. Simply upload a PAN, and the system will confirm whether it is legitimate and has been issued by the government.
Numerous banks, NBFCs, and other financial institutions use this security scheme before providing loans to any individual. Verified and certified by users, we offer Pan API software that's frequently used by customers to fulfill their objectives.

Real-Time PAN

Easy to Use

Qrologic PAN verification API with a high level of protection and flexibility for the best user experience. It is easy to use and reliable and is a robust way to verify.


Seamless Impeccable Integration

Attentive support staff can provide remote support around 24×7 to ensure that the integration process is seamless.

Facial Recognition

99.98 Accuracy

We use an algorithm to ensure compliance with the PAN to prevent mistakes. As a result, our results are very reliable!

Geo-Location tagging

Real-time verification

The data is transferred and verified within seconds, saving you time, and money, without any hassle.

Facial Recognition

Trustworthy verification

Our API process verifies all details provided by the PAN and NSDL rendering them legitimate and accurate.

Geo-Location tagging

Address fraud at its root

Enter accurate data concerning your date of birth, name, email ID, registered mobile phone number, and PAN. You might typically have to verify your mobile number with an OTP.

Facial Recognition

Online Bulk pan verification service

Provide bulk PAN Verification based on the 'user paying' model. By cutting the time it takes to verify a PAN, online bulk PAN verification has made it possible for banks and financial institutions to meet various targets such as government regulatory requirements.


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