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Verify Customer KYC With Aadhaar Verification API

Real-time Aadhaar number verification will quickly and accurately verify your customer's KYC during Onboarding. Banks, NBFCs, and other Financial institutions (FIs) can be configured to integrate with the Aadhaar Verification API After the client provides their Aadhaar number and OTP for validating their KYC. Aadhaar cards hold information that is helpful in verifying an individual's identity.

Aadhaar Verification Online API

The online Aadhar Card verification tool is simple to use and integrate. All you need is your Aadhaar card number. Simply enter it, and within seconds, you'll obtain the resource. It is essential to ensure that you must verify your Aadhaar card IDs using the Aadhaar Verification API. The Aadhaar API can be altered to fulfill the requirements of your business.

Real-Time PAN

Plug and Play Integration

The Aadhaar verification API is simple to work with and offers a seamless user experience, we offer a simple interface and a streamlined implementation.


Accurate and Reliable

In our information portal, data is synced with the Aadhaar department. As a result, the systems are 100% accurate and legitimate.

Facial Recognition

Real-Time Verification

Online verification API to connect to Aadhaar and complete the user confirmation in real-time.

Geo-Location tagging

99.98 Accuracy

We develop an algorithm intended to ensure compliance with aadhaar in order to reduce the chances of error.

Document Upload Option


The document does not need to be downloaded right away; once the user signs the document on the email he's given, he can refer back to it at any time.


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