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Terms of Use

All information, data, and content that include text, images, graphics, videos, logos, and any software programs available on/through this website are protected by privacy law, copyrights, and other laws. You are not allowed to copy, modify, distribute, publish, transmit, sell, license, create derivative works, and make any use of content available on/through this website for any public, private, as well as commercial use.
Qrologic Softech cannot be held responsible for web hosting, custom artwork, graphics related work or data entry unless and until it has been specifically mentioned, agreed and paid for by both the parties involved in the contract. Any image, artwork or text written or designed by qrologic for clients, will be owned by qrologic unless there has been any other agreement made between them.

Web Servers

We may apply a cancellation fee if the customer cancels the service before its completion. The cancellation fee may be of any amount and it could be equal to the amount of work completed at the point of cancellation. In the event, a customer is not able to or willing to pay the cancellation fee or any overdue amount will result in legal action by us if required.

Approvals and Delivery of the projects

One single project could be embraced with various stages or steps and the work for the next stage will only be initiated after the making of relevant payment as per the agreement.
All code and other material or content developed by qrologic Softech will be transferred after the completion of the projects and proper sign offs. The ownership of the code developed by qrologic Softech will be handed over to the client after the final payment.
On completion of the service, the product will be uploaded to the server of the client or integrated with the client’s system, as preferred by them and according to the agreement. qrologic Softech hold the right to hold or delay the integration or uploading or delivery of the final product until the full and final payment has been received.
qrologic Softech holds the right to use or publish the completed work or product for reference to the other potential clients. In the event, any client wants to withhold this right, the client has to notify qrologic Softech in advance and prior to the finalization of the agreement of the project with the complete agreement of the both parties (client and Qrologic Softech ).


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