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Nidhi is an Indian word which means 'A treasure'. It is one of the famous categories of non banking financial company that works on members. Its main motive in business is of lending and borrowing the money between members. It also promotes the art of utilization and saving money as funds within member community of members. Companies who are in Nidhi Business are also known as benefit funding, mutual benefit funding, permanent funding company. These type of companies are considered to be localized in single office locations. They can’t deal out of their member community. It highly depends on honesty, integrity and loyalty of workers. It provides to the need of medium and small earning groups. It is one of the most secured software with minimum cost plan for rising resources by taking deposits from people. Hence, it can be consider as a public limited company which is formed by the purpose of lending, accepting and depositing money to its members.

Easy-to-use, Simple & Fast! Trusted by Happy Customers!

Get highly secured and fully automated Online Nidhi software with Mobile application for the same with as per your customizations and needs at best and affordable price with full data security. We have a dedicated and specialized team for Nidhi development as our team firstly analyzes your business needs, industry and product and then further create a system for you managing full banking options. Our Nidhi software includes a lot of excellent banking options like FD, RD, Daily cash account, Saving account and loan accounts and also has module integration for handling multi branches, multi user entries and reporting operations for the same. We have approximately 150+ clients who are enjoying our top-class services. Our developed software will help you in managing all your branches, operators, employers, withdrawls, loans , saving accounts and many more.

Why Choose Us?

Our software solution is an easy –to-understand and easy-to-deploy to our clients, built over a fast, secure and flexible platform so that it can be accessed by any type of devices from hand-help tablets to personal computers, just with basic requirement of internet connection. It is easy to create any number of branches and add multiple users, agents, accounts etc all under one tree.

Our software helps you to concentrate on your business growth by speeding up your work and reducing your operational time. It is fully customizable and can be integrated with real-time Mobile, SMS, and email system.


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