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NBFC stands for Non-Banking Financial Companies well known for its financial institutes which provide banking services without meeting to the legal definition of the bank. Its main areas includes managing portfolio’s of stocks and shares, credit and loan facilities, loan management system, monthly statements, installation deposit system, late fee and penalty calculations in case of defaulters, accounting details, payment history etc. We provide NBFC Software to simplify your workload of Non-Banking Financial Companies. Our software is the simplified version of banking software as it is easy to use, and can be easily understood and integrated in all business activities.

Easy-to-use, Simple & Fast! Trusted by Happy Customers!

As a NBFC Software Company, our main motive is our customer’s satisfaction with our services. In order to complete our motive, we develop websites to which a customer can easily control and use. They can add, edit and maintain all the aspects of their websites on their own as and when required. In order to complete our mission to develop the clients’ performance in their corresponding business, our team puts upon their hard efforts for showing profit oriented results to our clients all over the globe.

Qrologic provides fully secured web based Loan management software used by all types of loan users can easily create a paperless loan file and then process it further for online loan approval. We try to cover entire life cycle of a loan management like loan product definition, file processing and documentation, loan amount, calculations, billing, processing of loan accounts, foreclosure, and termination provides document management solutions for all type of loan companies.

Why Choose Us?

Our software solution is an easy –to-understand and easy-to-deploy to our clients, built over a fast, secure and flexible platform so that it can be accessed by any type of devices from hand-help tablets to personal computers, just with basic requirement of internet connection. It is easy to create any number of branches and add multiple users, agents, accounts etc all under one tree.

Our software helps you to concentrate on your business growth by speeding up your work and reducing your operational time. It is fully customizable and can be integrated with real-time Mobile, SMS, and email system


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