AR & VR App Development Services

We provide immersive technologies such as R, VR and MR to present your content in an engaging way. We design novel hardware services which support extended reality, and provide services to consumers of electronics brands who are looking for better system performance.

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We design products for customer-specified platforms, cross-platform apps and offer consistent user experience.

ARhas already begun to be a part of our life. There are many potentials for AR, not only in games and entertainment but also other aspects of daily life. Beetsoft can provide solutions using state-of-the-art AR technology. VRbrings you a brand new reality. However, its potentials are not restricted to gaming only. Together, we can come up with many realistic uses for VR to enhance any experience. MR is known as a hybrid between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, promising to allow users to interact in highly engaging and novel experience with holographies in an indoor environment. BEETSOFT is developing this state-of-the-art technology to provide our valuable customers with reasonably priced MR services.

Now-a-days, AR is the important part of our lives. There is a great potential for AR, not only in games and entertainment but also in other different aspects of our daily life. Qrologic can provide you solutions using state of AR technology. VR helps you bringing up a brand new reality. As a result, its potentials are not restricted to gaming only but also it can enhance any experience with many realistic uses for VR. On the other hand, MR is well known for allowing users to interact with highly engaging and novel experience with shot in an indoor environment, also known as hybrid between VR and AR.


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Turn your Product and Service into an innovative and interactive experience for customers

Experience the world that doesn’t exist in reality. VR is an artificial environment created with software and VR device to provide virtual experience to our users. The users will experience the virtual experiences as the real one.

Raise your brand level and increase your ROI with us.

Why Choose Us?

Creating Ideas with Passion

We give hustle free business intelligence by bringing up the fresh ideas every time. Our objective behind all of our ideas is client’s success and their satisfaction at anytime and anywhere. We believe that passion for code and work brings an extraordinary thing to happen. Let’s give rise to your ideas with a passionate team of experts.

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We deliver our products on time and in an affordable range. We are a large team of experts in consulting, designing and development of websites and applications along with quality assurance, ERP, Data analytics and many more in mobility and cloud across IT sector.

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We give deep industry knowledge to our each and every client with expert perspectives to offer them professionally qualified and business-centric solutions in wide range of sectors.

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Get in touch with our experts to find put your niche and requirements by consulting about your ideas and technologies used by us, which can help you to grow your organization.

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